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World Chiropractic Federation 2021

Platform Video Presentations 

The impact and public health response of chiropractors to the COVID-19 pandemic: A survey across four continents

Moore C, Wong A, de Luca K, de Carvalho D, Johansson M, Pohlman K, Miller A, Funabashi M, Dougherty P, French S, Adams J, Kawchuk G.

Supporting a culture of transparency and trust – results of an active surveillance reporting system from spinal manipulation therapy providers

Vohra S, Cassidy D, Kawchuk G, Yager J, O’Beirne M, Westaway M, Funabashi M, Hill M, Ibrahim Q, Mior S, Hurwitz E, Pohlman K

Poster Presentations 

Association of Chiropractic Colleges - Research Agenda Conference 2021-2022

Parker Faculty/Student Publications 

Parker Research Publications 

Platform Video Presentations 

Patient Characteristics and clinical outcomes associated with conservative treatment for spine pain in socioeconomically disadvantaged women

Pohlman K, Morham S, Reichardt A, Toth A, Olin G, Passmore S

Poster Presentations 

Adapting a Conference on Teaching and Integrating EBP into Curricula:  PIE2023 for CIH Educators.

Pohlman K, Monier Z, Jacobs C, Long C, Lawrence D, Madigan D, Stites J, Goldenberg J, Hoyt K, Lefebvre R, Tibbles T

Pohlman, KA. (2022). Patient Safety Culture: A Necessity for Chiropractic and Pediatric Health Care. In C.A. Anrig & G.P. Plaugher (Authors). Pediatric Chiropractic (3rd, pp. 7-20). LWW.

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