Abstracts for Clinical Evidence (ACE)
@ Parker Seminars Las Vegas


2023 Call for Abstracts: 

Parker Seminars and Parker Research Center are pleased to host the 2nd Annual Abstracts for Clinical Evidence (ACE) program at Parker Seminars: Las Vegas on February 23-25, 2023. This new venue provides an opportunity to share current evidence directly to clinicians. It is prepared by an international team of clinicians and scientists using the latest digital poster technology, iPosters, an online interactive, multimedia, virtual poster platform.


Submissions will be accepted in topics of Chiropractic, Neuroscience, Nutrition, and Human performance - and can include previously published literature, encore abstracts, and new unpublished research in the areas of original research (clinical trials, epidemiology/health service research), literature/systematic/scoping reviews, and case studies/case series. All digital posters must include a clinical pearl. This is your opportunity to present your high-quality, rigorous research with fellow colleagues.

Submissions will open May 2, 2022


ACE is excited to consider your clinically relevant research in Chiropractic, Neuroscience, Nutrition, or Human Performance for display at Parker Seminars Las Vegas, February 23-25, 2023. 

ACE utilizes iPoster technology to create a fully digital platform presentation. Complete written abstract submission will not be required. Please read 'Submission Steps' below for a better understanding of the submission process.


ACE Submission Steps:

1. Submit 'Interest Form' below regarding your clinically relevant research in chiropractic, neuroscience, nutrition, or human performance. The deadline to complete this interest form is November 1, 2022 @11:59pm CST.

    • If accepted, you will receive a personalized link to create an abstract digital poster for review within 10 business days of submitting interest form. Acceptance of interest form does not guarantee admittance into ACE poster presentation. Admittance will be based on development of iPoster.

    • If declined, the reason will be shared with you. 

2. Once accepted, you'll be invited to create a digital platform poster for review by ACE Planning Committee (instructions will be provided in personalized link). The deadline to finalize and submit digital platform posters to the Planning Committee for review is December 1 @ 11:59pm CST.

    • Decisions of abstract acceptance will be made based on the finalized digital poster submitted. Feedback will be provided based on decision. Opportunities for revisions and resubmission may be available. 

3. Once finalized AND accepted, attend Parker Seminars: Las Vegas, February 23-25, 2023 to present and share your work at the largest Chiropractic conference in the world. 

    • Note: All accepted digital posters must have at least one author registered and available for presentation for Parker Seminars: Las Vegas. 


Submissions may include: 

  • Previously published papers (published no earlier than 2020 with no plagiarized sentences in the content)

  • Encore research (research that has been presented at a different scientific conference)

  • New research (first time research has been submitted for public sharing)


"Clinically Relevant" research areas in chiropractic, neuroscience, nutrition, or human performance include:

  • Original Research

  • Literature/Systematic/Scoping Reviews

  • Case Studies and Case Series

 If you have trouble or have questions, please contact the Research Center via email at

How ACE Is Different!

ACE 2023 Planning Committee

  • Katie Pohlman, DC, MS, PhD (Chair) - Director of Research @ Parker University

  • Martha Funabashi, MSc, PhD (Independent Scientist rep) - Clinical Research Scientist @ CMCC

  • Chris Malaya, DC, PhD(c) (Student rep) - Clinician Scientist @ Parker University

  • Amy Miller, DC, PhD (International, Early Career rep) - Lecturer @ AECC University

  • Charles Penza, DC, PhD (VA Clinician Scientist rep) - Clinician Scientist @ Orlando VAMC

  • Dean Smith, DC, PhD, (Clinician Scientist rep) - Clinical Professor @ Miami University

  • Michael Swain, PhD, MPhil, MChiroprac, FRCC (Hon) (International, Independent Scientist rep) - Senior Lecturer in Chiropractic @ Macquarie University

  • Kenneth Weber, DC, PhD (Early Career rep) - Instructor @ Stanford University

  • Beth Carleo, DC (Teaching Faculty Rep) - Teaching Faculty @ Palmer College of Chiropractic - Florida

  • Shannon Schueren, DC, MS - ACE Project Coordinator @ Parker University

  • Austin Parker, DC student (Student Rep) - Parker University

If you have trouble or have questions, please contact the Research Center via email at